Saturday, April 21, 2012

Memory is like a block of Ice

Memory is like ice, it melts and soon flow off leaving nothing to hold. It is a fearsome thing to be devoid of memory, such as a person who awakes with amnesia and struggles to connect his identity with a missing past; or someone whose ability to recollect his past is punctured with spotty vagueness that flitters between reality and imagination. That's when memory has begun melting. I enjoy watching Andrew playing with ice cubes and when they melt and he struggles to pick them up, it is akin to us, especially the seniors, who struggle to pick up the melting ice cubes and put them into our mouth to salvage and taste whatever that remains. I am a memory person, which explains why I blog, why I capture moments in pictures and videos. I believe in the power of keeping our past current. My blog is like a memory bank outside of myself. A blog is like a freezer keeping those memory intact and stored. Time and again I'd recall what I've forgotten from my blog and refer my friends to specific posts for names and events we've forgotten. I worry the day when I must depend completely on my blog to recall and not on my own ability. But I am reassured that somewhere it is still there. I encourage people to blog as an extension of their inner person. LIke a cord blood bank that refills a person with hope of medical recovery, the memory bank in cyberspace keeps us alive when we are physically gone. Who says ice don't last forever? I do.

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