Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leisurely Atlanta

The flight into Atlanta took just over 13 hours and was I glad to stand on American soil again. The next time I re-enter I will have to reapply for a new non-immigrant visa as the current visa expires soon. The last I heard the fee is going to go up.

I was surprised at the very strict security measure at the airport which is a good thing. Never slacken when you never know when the next terrorist attack may come from. Immigration took a little longer to process and I overheard the officer remarked to his colleague the data format on Malaysian passports were non-standard, whatever that means. But I knew the officer was carefully doing his job. We were given a full 6 months stay although we plan for just a month. At the Customs it was a breeze until after that point we bumped into a real security check. I thought why the necessity since we are almost out of the airport. In this tightened protocol all luggages are to be rechecked in where they will be transported to another carousel at the far end of the arrival terminal. We had to board a shuttle train to get there. Being unfamiliar we sought help from a fellow commuter. As the luggages went their way we queued to have our hand carry goods and body scanned. In the process I think I lost my Kansai Airport Hotel comb which I got a new identical one from Julian later.

I like flying Korean Air this trip. The B777-300 plane is very new and the flight crew were from China and they are always smiling and helpful. It helped make a boring flight more interesting. When lunch was served I was given a choice of beef rice or Korean bibimbap. Being game I took the bibimbap and the flight attendant, sensing I wasn't Korean handed me a How To card. The food was spicy because of the gochujang chilli pepper paste. With the seaweed soup the rice was enjoyable. I was surprised why we didn't get to eat this signature Korean dish when we holiday there in 2010. Over dinner I selected seafood rice and ate double portion of shrimp salad including the share the lady Korean passenger seated next to me offered me. My appetite during the flight was good.

The Duluth area where we will be staying has a large Korean and Chinese population with a thriving business to support. It is a very livable residential suburb for the upper middle class. No wonder Korean Air made Atlanta one of its US hubs.

Joshua was soundly asleep in his bouncinet downstairs when we arrived. He appeared tiny wrapped up that we didn't know he was there! Later after we've bathed dare we get close to greet him and later pick him up.

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