Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I'm Impatient

I had recently blogged my plan to start a compost project after June but it appear my impatience has overtook this desire since I have time at hand. Yesterday after I visited my doctor to evaluate my PSA result (it was slightly lower than the result from the private lab at 3.4ng/ml versus 3.8ng/ml) and prescribed a combination alpha blocker and finasteride to manage my prostate, I stopped by a plant nursery on my way home to enquire if they have turfed grass for instant planting. They have sufficient quantity for my need so I bought 40 sq.ft. at 80 Msen per sq.ft. In the afternoon I managed to lay them all to cover up selected bald patches in my garden.

An incident of honesty I wish to share here. The nursery worker had short loaded the turfed grass into my trunk that I was unaware. When I returned several hours later planning to buy more, he quickly told me he had tried to stop me but I had already driven away. He had rolled the turfs and stacked them in a wheelbarrow awaiting for me to show up. The grass short loaded turns out to be the exact quantity I need to complete the job which my grandchildren happily joined in to water them.

The lesson on composting I learned from YouTube was invaluable. I decided to compile all the previous grass clippings into one large pile. Already when I dug inside the heat is building up and wisp of steam billowed up indicating the breakdown of the grass waste has started. The musty odor brought back familiar memory. The smell of stored rubber lumps and tree lace in my father's rubber shop in the 1960s smelled exactly the same when I helped out to break them up to pack into gunny sacks.

I'm sure while we are away in the States the compost heap will proceed to breakdown further. Perhaps upon our return I will be able to use part of it to condition my old and dead garden soil to rehabilitate them.


Catherine Lee said...

Wow! Good to read about your success in making compost! I tried but failed and ended up throwing it away because it attracted a lot of snails.Could you please share with me how you do it? Thank you!

Peter Yew said...

Hi Catherine, it's rather early to accept your compliments. This is my first attempt at composting and noticing steam and heat as well as some musty or decaying smell means the grass is being gradually broken down.

Here's a very good article to help you.


I haven't built a compost bin yet, I just pile the garden waste in a corner of my garden. Composting is theoretically easy, just remember never put in animal food waste like chicken fat, fish bones and unfinished food. However vegetable cuttings and fruit peels are OK. Recommended if you mix fresh cut grass with old dry leaves. This what I learned and put into practice.

I guess your snail problem is due to the compost becoming a refuge to them. My feeling is you try getting rid of them first. Check out solutions on the Internet that suits you or ask your nursery supplier who can suggest the right bait to use.

Good luck with your next compost.


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