Monday, April 02, 2012

Celebration Month

Many things happen in April, happy and sad. It was in April 14 years ago my father died and I miss him so. It was also in this month my pet dog, King, also died. King was my favorite pet dog and today his remains lay buried inside the garden of my house in a quiet corner.

April is also a celebration month. Beside myself two of my grandchildren share the same birthday month and one of my sons-in-law miss it by just 3 days. In April 39 years ago my wife and I celebrated our wedding with feasts in our respective home towns.

April is also a month of remembrance. The Chinese remembers their departed loved ones on All Souls Day or Ching Ming (this year it falls on April 4) by cleaning their tombs and paying their respect or visiting the columbarium where their ash remains are stored in urns. The Christians celebrated Holy Week which began yesterday (Palm Sunday) and will end coming Sunday with Easter which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Significant to myself and my wife this year will be the birth of our first grandson from our only son this month. His name is Joshua and the whole family are looking forward to welcome him into the family. He will be our fifth grandchild and we thank God for His rich blessings.

Last night we had a nice Chinese dinner at the Silver Dragon restaurant in Seremban to celebrate 4 birthdays covering three generations. My son-in-law bought a birthday cake which my two grand-daughters eagerly place the candles to be lit. After several rounds of birthday songs the children happily blew away the flames and Victoria, our eldest grandchild, took pride to cut and serve the cakes. It was an evening to remember and although it is April 1 it was certainly no April Fool joke.

Next year it will be a grander celebration. April 2013 will also include our 40th wedding anniversary celebration AND the first birthday of baby Joshua. I could not ask for more.

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