Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blogging on iPad

Blogging with pictures add flavours which endorses the contents, so whenever possible I'd include some pictures to go with the text. Adding pictures to my blog is easily done when I write from my desktop PC which runs on Windows 7, but from my iPad, it is a different story. While the interface is the same, upon clicking Add Image from the editing screen the Choose File from your computer option is blanked off. In other word, under Apple's iOS for iPad, there is no way for any picture to be attached to a blog post, which is sad. I guess that may be because of cross platform incompatibility or absence of content sharing between Picasa (which stores Blogger's images) and iCloud (Apple's cloud storage service).

What this translate into practical limitation as there is no convenient direct way to place a picture(s) inside a blog post when blogging is done from an iPad. I wish to be proven wrong with the latest iPad running on iOS 5.0 which I will lay my hands on next week. But if I am right then my next blog posts from America will be pure text. And for that Apple need to address this issue since blogging on the go is fast becoming popular. I should be able to take photos on my new iPad and attach them to my blog just like I can do from my desktop PC. Simply and effective. Likewise for videoclips.

If you navigate to my October 2011 Hanoi holiday blog postings you'd notice all my 'live' posts were pictureless. The galleries were posted AFTER I've downloaded the pictures from my camera into my desktop. I hope this won't be the case with this trip to the States.

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