Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Very Important Trip

Over the past few months I've made sure my organizer is properly planned to exclude any local events from happening while my wife and I make a very important trip overseas. Little things like fixing my haircut just a few days before we fly, arranging the pest control technician to visit the day before and mow my lawn 2-3 days earlier. And to exclude medical appointments until after we return. We want to be sure we can have a focused holiday when we fly in just over 2 weeks time to visit our son who will be a father around that time.

It is a joyous occasion for my wife and I to finally have a grandson from our son. His name shall be Joshua and he shall be named great and a family man. In our mind eyes Joshua will be a grandson we shall be proud of, just as we are proud of all our other grandchildren before him - Victoria, William, Grace and Andrew. And baby Joshua will be followed a month later by a cousin sister, Sharon.

We thank God for such blessings. They are all bundles of joy. I read somewhere one of the factors that help longevity is that of a close knitted family with many children and grandchildren to make the grandparents feel young and energetic. Certainly we look forward to waking up each morning in expectation of seeing or hearing our grandchildren.

I said this to my 87 year old mother, you are blessed because God has given you 11 great grandchildren before the year is over. To the Chinese having a larger family is a sign of prosperity. To my 94 year old father-in-law I said the same, that he is well blessed with 8 great grandchildren to give him pride and happiness. I certainly doubt I can be as blessed with such numbers. To be able to see one great grandchild in my time shall be a hope I dare not dream seriously as young people marry later and have children even later after marriage. However I have been blessed many times over, beyond many of my friends, some of whom are still waiting for their children to finish college, or whose children have no desire to settle down.

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