Saturday, March 03, 2012

IPad Dying from Over-use?

That was the observation my wife gave after she encountered green screens appearing more and more frequently lately. Last night she rushed to me with the iPad in her hand with more than half the screen green and I was able to capture it on my smartphone before the screen changed back to normal. Here it is:

This first generation iPad was purchased sometime in October 2010 and is technically out of warranty now. It has given me and my wife and grandchildren enormous pleasure and companionship. On average the iPad was turned on for 6-8 hours daily and every evening put on the charger. The only trouble I faced in recent months was weak or hanged internet connection and to get around it I have to switch to airplane mode and switch it off to re-establish wifi connection.

A few nights ago the iPad refused to charge and the next morning it was unchargeable. I feared it had fallen asleep permanently. Several hours later the battery began to receive a charge and thereafter the iPad behave normally except from the occasional green screen. I am not sure if it is a battery related problem. I think it is unacceptable for the display to start to fail less than 18 months into use. But I worry that if it really fail on me several daily activities dependent on the iPad will be seriously crippled.

The iPad could not be over-used, maybe slightly abused from rough handling by my grandchildren if you noticed the frayed straps of the case in the picture above. However it was never dropped or knocked against a hard surface. And I don't think the iPad can think. If it does probably it was thinking that it is being replaced by the 7" tablet and later the new iPad3 expected to be launched on March 7.

I am just hoping that if indeed the display is damaged it can be replaced without spending a bomb.

Update: I just heard that the green screen may not be due to hardware failure but interrupted video streaming that causes partial display of the color pixels received. Can anyone confirm this?

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