Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Friend in Need

On March 8 I received an email from a classmate who was mysteriously silent for some 2 months, making us worried. In a one paragraph email written with irregular text spacing my good friend AL openly revealed he underwent brain surgery a week earlier to remove a tumor which the surgeon identified as malignant. It shocked many of us and made me realize how vulnerable we are now to become victims of such ailments. To have a close friend affected touched many of us in the class of 65. A day later I called up AL not knowing what to expect. I was relieved he could come to the phone. Although his voice was coarse he was coherent and touched by our concerns over his health and well wishes. We all prayed for his full recovery notwithstanding the risk of poor prognosis.

AL need all his friends. I realize that old friends are gold friends. We bond like we had not been separated by time or space. It was a bitter sweet feeling, I said to Jimmy this morning when we skyped, that no sooner after he left with good memories of old friendship we received news that made us all sad. We are all on our way, you know what I mean. The path gets narrower, lonelier and harder to travel. In these moments friends are everything, not wealth or power. Simple friends who will spare their time to give comfort and make the journey more bearable.

Do we need friends? Maybe not now when we can take care of ourselves. But when we are taken to that pathway I think companionship counts more than anything.

Post Note:
AL was the main visitor from NZ but his visitation to my blog is likely to be less and less frequent. Soon NZ will disappear out of the Top 10 in Geocounter in the right panel, overtaken by Indonesia. I would like NZ to reappear among the top 10 list because I know that he has come by to read my blog. Get well AL.

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