Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AL My Pal

AL will be undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy early next month to zap off residual tumors. Some of our classmates have already begun praying and interceding for his recovery and such news naturally made AL upbeat which in return gave us encouragement that he is fighting the cancer well. He sounded pragmatic and confident without any sign of defeat or depression, if any, he didn't show. Over the past week one of our classmate of 65 had visited him and gave a good report. I asked AL if he is OK to receive us. We have to be sensitive and understanding that under such difficult situations, not every patient welcome visitors, especially when they start treatments that can make them moody. But AL welcome our presence, and for this assurance I am starting to search for flight tickets as well as a short holiday in North Island, New Zealand, with another classmate of our TCS.

It will be a short 6 days trip in early June with 3 days holiday to the Bay of Islands. The holiday is just to make the flight serve beyond the purpose of visiting AL my pal.

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