Sunday, February 05, 2012

Jimmy, You Are Huge!

That was the remark fellow classmate Titus said to Jimmy who came back for a family visit from Canada. He was of course just naughty, like when we were in school and no one, not the least Jimmy took offense. Jimmy wasn't huge, just that his stoutness gave a wrong horizontal impression. Titus, Jimmy, myself and another guy, KH, were classmates in 1965 and when we left school we were like sparkles that splintered our own ways. As our careers ended we look forward to reconnect so today we did, in Kajang. My wife and I arrived early, at the Prescott Metro Inn's Muar Coffee House, the venue suggested by Titus who got lost and arrived last. He blamed it on the new traffic so I suggested a GPS. It isn't flawless but at least it gets you to your destination somehow. I can be forcefully direct with Titus because we were classmates and that is a special privilege. Titus who was reticent when we first met him at the November 2010 reunion is a lot more sociable and open now and that is a good thing. Perhaps he prefer smaller groups.

Jimmy migrated to Canada in 1990 and became citizen 10 years later. From his story it sounded like moving down another block whereas to me migration is a life long decision process as important as getting married, but the way Jimmy explained, it was just pack up and go. Perhaps his outlook explains why he spots a jovial look and packs an infectious laughter. Except for some recession his hair is as dark as night. Unfortunately his wife didn't come along but my wife made herself part of the gang although she didn't belong except to be a gracious companion to me. Thanks WH.

Over a drink at the coffee house we chatted for an hour before moving to a popular satey (barbequed chicken/beef) joint 3 minutes walking distance for our lunch and was glued to our chairs for 2 hours. Conversation was light and easy flowing, there were many things to share. Soon it was time to say goodbye, 3 hours to make up for 45 lost years. I've put out feelers to gauge reactions for a 50th anniversary class reunion in 2015. Nearly half the class responded in the positive, and I await the rest to open their mailboxes or to be contacted. As usual some will need a little push or persuasion.

Here are a few pictures for remembrance.

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