Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crazy BIG SALE Deal

Last night for some reason I couldn't sleep. Perhaps I was engrossed in ripping my DVD and Video CD collections for viewing on my iPad and soon to arrive 7" tablet. I am 'forced' to get the 7" gadget in part because I like the size after I peeked at a similar sized unit (I think it was a Samsung Tab) held by a teen sitting next to me on a flight back to KLIA recently, and also because my iPad is now more used by Andrew, my 2 year old grandson, and my wife. Maybe my share is a third now, which gives me a valid reason to buy the soon-to-be-launched iPad3 in the States (my wife and I will be there in April so the timing is perfect) for my own use. Heh, heh.

I called up the email AirAsia sent me about the BIG SALE deal starting midnight February 15, that is some 11 hours ago, and I thought that I should try to go for a getaway break with my wife to Kota Kinabalu where we've not been before. Frankly I was not overly excited or confident of getting a good deal, AirAsia often over promote and gave just a few heavily discounted seats to comply with their offers. At 2.30am I got in, the traffic wasn't heavy then, and managed to book a flight+hotel package for 3D/2N costing RM471.65 all-in for my wife and I. I thought it was pretty good and 2 hours later I tried for the fun of testing and found the same itinerary had gone up 30% to 611.65. I was glad I got in fast and cheap. Another hour later the Air Asia website had become overloaded. It pays to be an early bird.

Sometimes I wonder if this sort of promotion will work elsewhere, like Australia or Europe, where people will stay up late just to get a good discount. Maybe if it happened it will be mainly Asians doing it? Well we will be in KK come September and like past holidays I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will have a good time and to blog about it.

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Anonymous said...

good for you Peter; you'll surely enjoy yourself in Sabah


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