Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cleaning Up My Garden

Since getting an electric lawn mower over a week ago, my garden had been mowed twice and fertilized once. The next mowing and fertilizing will be this weekend. Last weekend I drove to a nearby nursery with a set of weeds I collected from my garden. I wanted to find if there is any weedkiller that can selectively kill them without killing the grass. As expected the answer was no, no such chemical exist. Like chemotherapy knocking out cancerous cells also destroy the good ones. The advice is to manually clean them up while continuing the mowing and fertilizing regime. It demands perseverance and patience. Either I do it myself, with my wife helping out occasionally, or contract foreign workers to do the task. I decided to undertake this labour of love, in part also to keep fit. When I get a maid we will share out the work.

Over the past week I have started work as a weed buster, working only before the sun gets hot, and in the evenings just before the sun set. And the weather lately has been very hot so I had to wear a wide brim straw hat to keep out the heat and light. I didn't realize how weedy my garden had become after years of neglect. With determination I believe it can be rehabilitated. For now my right forefinger is sore from plucking the weeds loosened up using a tiny rake I bought especially for the job. The garden looks like a badly infected scalp with bare patches here and there. I will have to transplant small clumps of good grass to these patches and water them to eventually cover up the bare ground.

Why am I doing this? To pass time as well as get it ready for my grandchildren to romp and play on it, even to camp in it if they want to.


Ben and Shaun said...


I really enjoy reading your blog. You reflect such great love and joy in your writing. I could also sense a great love for your grandchildren too.

May God continue to bless you in all that you do.

Peter Yew said...

Project like this is to continually challenge me to persevere beside doing it out of love. I hope that in due time I can proudly blog again on my new garden, with pictures to share, before and after (yea, I took pics before I start mowing just to scare myself how terrible my garden had become).

PS if my grandkids do want to camp I'll be sure to camp with them too, under the moonlight.


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