Sunday, February 19, 2012

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Enjoy this videoclip:

If you are Malaysian or a follower of Malaysian political developments this song probably reflect the ongoing battle between the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional and the rising opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat. Do you believe that Pakatan has the resource and capability to deliver on its promise that it can and will be able to provide a better future for all Malaysians? Can it do better than Barisan which has ruled the nation for the past 54 over years? Some people I spoke to have no confidence but others are so disillusioned that a change is due. As the popular phrase goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it, which means literally if things are going along well why look for a change? Many people think that Malaysia is already broke so a change is required. Problem is some people think that the expected change may be short-changed so they rather live with the status quo. They think we are too entrenched into our present culture that a new government will not be able to reverse the trend, which means it cannot deliver on the promise of change. As good as not trusting the good doctor to cure a terminally ill patient. Another way of looking is that since they are a part of the corruption culture they are not ready to give it up.

Others feel that the status quo will only allow the country to sink deeper by letting its wealth to be plundered and stripped until we are really in severe debt. The thinking of this group is the ruling coalition is unconcerned over the future of the nation but wants another term to enrich themselves. This fear is quite real which explains the campaigns to discredit Barisan by listing a long list of misdeeds and scandals that brought scorn and anger.

However the concern that Pakatan is not yet ready is real, with its loose coalition constantly disagreeing on fundamental issues of Islamic laws and power distribution when they do come into power. Pakatan is a very young and untested coalition so should we trust them to rule us? On the other hand can we afford to give Barisan one more term? It is a dilemma many worried Malaysians face. It is natural for some to react by saying better to trust a known devil than a novice who promises radical revamp of the systems that created so much ills.

The biggest question is can we trust Pakatan and is it worthwhile to risk our future by giving them one term to show if they can do better? We do see many talented Pakatan lawmakers whose knowledge and skills we can trust. So far they have a few showpieces on display with good and bad impressions. The cream is Penang where it has become the standard for other states to emulate. The bad boy is Kedah where the Islamic rule has caused discords among the non-Muslims. In yesterday's high profile debate between the heads of the two Chinese-based political parties from both coalitions it was a bashing party to show who did worse rather than concentrating on the debate topic: Chinese at the Crossroads: Is the Two Party System Becoming a Two Race System? To many viewers it was more of witnessing the oratory skills of the debaters rather than the strength of their arguments. Both are very good with the MCA president showing his experience and craftiness and the DAP secretary-general more passionate and sincere in wanting to bring about real change to the nation. In effect he is telling the MCA, anything MCA can do DAP can do better, and on the larger scale, to the voters, anything Barisan can do, Pakatan will rival it and outperform it if it is given a change to rule the nation. Penang is a good example but so is Kedah a poor one. Do we believe in Pakatan? Or do we say let Pakatan keep its states or maybe win another one or two more, but not to form the next federal government. Is this a safe arrangement? If we only let Pakatan win in 2018 will it be too late to save Malaysia from the plunderers or do we buckle up and take a 'gamble' to trust Pakatan?

The power is in the hands of all eligible Malaysian voters. Think carefully and make sure you cast your votes in this upcoming landmark general election to be called anytime between now and May 2013.

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