Wednesday, February 08, 2012

39 Years Today

I married my wife in a simple civil registry ceremony in Lumut Perak witnessed by our mothers. I was working for a federal government agency and my wife a nurse. Through the years we stayed loyal to our career and to each other, moving houses more often than our jobs and setting up family for 3 young children who are themselves now married and with kids of their own, or soon to have. Looking back it has been a marriage of building a future and today, 39 years later, I thank God we did build one that we have absolutely no complain. In fact we feel we have so much more than many couples like us. To suggest that our marriage is blissfully perfect is not telling the truth. We learn to accept the good and the not so good. I believe a good marriage is one that deals with reality rather than fantasy or fairy tales. As we head towards our 40th anniversary we feel energized by the grandchildren around us and who visit us as well as the one we will see soon.

We had a simple celebration, a dinner in town last night (our caterer resumed delivering food today after a long Chinese New Year break). Nothing elaborate for that is my wife's preference. What pleases us most is the well-being and happiness of our children and grandchildren and that I admit has been a God-given blessing all these years. Happy anniversary, Mama, and many more to come, wishing you good health and happiness everyday.

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