Saturday, January 07, 2012

Windsty's Windows 7 TuneUp Suite

The first thing that impresses me is the number of invalid registry entries this utility program uncovered. I have three other registry cleaners in my PC and each of them detected anything between 20 to 200 but this program detected over 3000! Awesome! It shows its awesome power in digging up what other similar programs fail to accomplish. Since having a clean and slim registry is paramount to fast startup and quick access to programs installed, the TuneUp Suite is a must for all Windows 7 PC users.

Apart from the registry cleaner this nifty utility that is only 1.33Mb in size packs a bomb in other features such as junk files cleaner and duplicate files finder. The layout is neat and easily applied by even a novice to ensure his computer is organized and primed to perform at its peak.

There is a module to analyse the storage disks in the PC, a smart uninstaller to quickly uninstall any programs that does not meet the need of the user, a registry defragmenter to improve the access time to this file, an optimizer to speed up startup as well as manage those services that are essential. The developer even describe briefly the function of each service to help you decide to disable it, set to run manually or automatically. It is very user friendly. Lastly there is a history cleaner to help you manage your privacy on the Net.

The TuneUp Suite is very fast. It takes split second to launch and does its job in a hurry which I like. It is a very good program for anyone who wish to have a single software to house-keep his PC to run efficiently. You can learn more by visiting THIS webpage.

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