Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sour Grapes

The government couldn't have reacted more dismally than justify the High Court ruling that acquitted Anwar Ibrahim as an example of judiciary independence. My foot! Would they say the same if Anwar was convicted? Here are a few reactions that immediately drew criticism and cynicism. Instead of being noble in defeat the government went on a justification exercise we don't want to hear. We want confession that the trial was a tragic mistake.

What the 901 Verdict Really Proved
Wrong Tactics
An Independent Judiciary, Really?

This is typical of many Malaysians. We love to explain why things didn't go our way and put the blame on others which is the familiar sour grape syndrome. In this case, the judge, whom at this time the Barisan government cannot openly oppose. But if they remain in power long enough the judge will soon find his career finished. But he has been both credited for his courage as well as criticized for not throwing out the case much earlier on. It is probable that he saw the change of political winds to decide in favor of Anwar, or was it his conscience against putting an innocent man down, a man who stand a chance to be the next Prime Minister! The basis for his judgement is that the prosecution did not do enough to prove that Anwar did sodomize his aide and that he wasn't convinced the DNA samples were properly taken and/or analysed. Although that itself was sufficient ground to acquit Anwar it failed to prove that Anwar was wrongly charged, or that the crime never took place. Maybe we need the 'victim' Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan to take an oath or swear upon the Koran. Perry Mason would have wrapped up the case within a few months rather than dragged for over 2 years that wasted public funds, time and shame the nation in international eyes.

Much sympathy and empathy goes to the family who suffered emotional, mental and spiritual trauma during the entire trial and approaching the judgement day. Everyone was prepared for the worst, even Anwar himself, was psychologically prepared to spend his old age in jail and his political and public life destroyed thereafter. I believe his acquittal was divinely intervened. I believe Anwar will live to restore the dignity and worth of this country we call home. I believe we should give him and his coalition a chance to rebuild Malaysia. Who else can offer this hope? After I read THIS and THIS report my faith in the institution of family and marriage is restored. Anwar's trial tested both and the entire family came away stronger than before. May we learn to value this family where father, wife and daughter can and must provide leadership to our nation. Collectively they have sacrificed more than what we can imagine.

Some readers again mooted the idea of Nurul Izzah (Anwar's eldest daughter) as our next Prime Minister. I say why not? Six months ago I've blogged giving my support. She have the maturity, balance, in-depth thinking and perseverance that even politicians twice her age cannot compare. And she is good-looking, a refreshing sight for a new leadership we sorely need.

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