Friday, January 06, 2012

Saying Goodbye to the Old Year

Every year people of all nations, culture, religion and tradition come together to watch one year fade away and a new one born. While the general spirit is one of celebration, with fireworks and parties to greet the new year, we must not forget the reluctance we silently feel within to see the old year die. Good or bad, it has become our history. So how do you feel about 2011? Do you have any regrets that you did not spend enough time doing what you ought to have done? Do you feel you have overcome some challenges that will make 2011 a year to remember? Do you put it down as a year of great celebration - a birth, a graduation, a financial success, an accolade bestowed? Or did 2011 fled into your inconspicuous past as if it never existed?

As I pen this we are soon to complete our first week of 2012, how very fast time passed. In percentage we would have spent almost 2% of the new year. Yet I don't feel hopeful that the new year will be bringing much joy, beyond the fact that my wife and I will be blessed with two more grandchildren, they will outshine any other successes I may enjoy this year. As a Malaysian I feel a sense of heaviness. There is no collective unity among the races. The standard of living has deteriorated. People feel less connected and more suspicious. And you can almost sense that as a nation we have come apart. Something momentous must take place in 2012 to restore our faith that Malaysia can be great again. What will that be? Will we have the courage to fight evil with all our strength to see civilization restored to what we hope it will be?

(Added January 9, 2012)
Is the freeing of Anwar Ibrahim from the sodomy charge THE momentous moment?

When I listened to this video and watched the background scenery my soul grew weary and disappointed with humankind. We have failed to be good stewards of the world we were entrusted to look after. In our greed and selfishness we have polluted our earth that in another generation or two it may just become unlivable. It will be a powerful rendition of the traditional Auld Lang Syne that make you want to stay in the old year. Listen and enjoy. If you can in high definition. Thanks Al for the lead.

If ever we must have a common resolution this new year it should be to seek for whatever that unite and build it. If we fail to live together we will be overcome and eventually destroyed by others. Happy and United New Year, Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,well said and makes us to put on our thinking cap. Regards AL MAL.


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