Friday, January 06, 2012

On the Sixth Day of New Year ...

our good friends gave to us ... six durians from their orchard farm. Since Christmas was recently over I thought I'd borrow this jingle to express the joy my wife and I felt when we received a call this morning, 'Would you like to have some durians?'. I replied 'Sure' and soon we were on our way to their house 3 minutes away together with little Andrew who always enjoy rides. Every time we said we're going out or 'kai kai' he'd immediately ran to his shoes and wore them in double quick time and be the first to the car.

My wife drove and I sat at the back with Andrew strapped to the car seat. Since January 1, it has become an offence to not strap down and the fine is RM300. We have to educate ourselves and our children to abide by this new law. Andrew quietly played with his car toys and I made a paper plane from a paper flyer to amuse him. He love planes and stuff mechanical.

Our friends greeted us and showed us a big basket of newly plucked durians. The husband said they were from his brother's orchard and to take what we want. We took randomly six. Back home, after our breakfast, I eagerly wedged them open using a cleaver and some rags to protect my palms and fingers from the thorns, and then remove the yellow pulpy seeds into clean plastic containers, irresistibly intercepting a few into our mouths to enjoy their gorgeous tastes. Even Andrew got a small introduction to this new taste but we're careful not to feed him anything beyond a sampling. After the fruits were all opened we found all but one of excellent taste. We will remember to thank our friends for the kind new year gesture. A few days ago our daughter in Petaling Jaya had also given us a tub of the same fruit which tasted as heavenly. Looks like we have a duriany start to the new year!

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