Friday, January 20, 2012

Direct Link into Seremban 2 Opens

After more than a month of inconvenience to motorists entering Seremban 2 the new link from the flyover bypassing the traffic light junction is opened today promising a smoother and faster entry into the growing township. I have the privilege of using it this morning and indeed the experience was so much better than being forced to queue at the traffic light junction especially during the peak off office hours. Although both flows merge into the common lanes this new link provide an alternative access to those who are entering Seremban 2 directly. Of course residents and visitors to Rasah Kemayan are also rejoicing. However there are still element of risks. Drivers are cautioned to drive slower as they enter the new ramp and to watch out for merging traffic. I expect some confusion and a scramble by motorists emerging from the northbound Seremban toll plaza and cutting right towards the flyover rather than heading down the ramp towards the traffic light junction which will be used mostly now by drivers towards Oakland and the Tesco Extra shopping mall, the Columbia Asia Medical Centre, Bukit Kepayang, U turn back to Seremban town or to the Bukit Chedang connection to the inner ring road.

Opening this new link certainly help ease traffic during the Chinese New Year traffic flow.

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