Monday, January 09, 2012

Anwar Freed!

It is with great joy that I read that Anwar Ibrahim has been freed from the charges of sodomizing his former aide due to doubtful evidence. Read HERE.

It is indeed a miracle. Nearly everyone except Anwar's lead lawyer, Karpal Singh, who is also DAP's chairman, felt Anwar will go to jail. Indeed 2012 has begun with great excitement and political possibilities. The game plan has changed and Pakatan Rakyat has scored a major psychological and moral victory over Barisan in its quest to wrestle control of Putrajaya from Barisan. With Anwar freed ends a 2 year bitter sweet tussle between Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim. On the sideline, Malaysian voters watch with keen interest how the coming weeks and months will be played out. The big question is whether Najib will delay calling the 13th general election to recoup his position? Or will the delay further strengthen Anwar's bid to topple him? It is indeed a tough choice which must be made sooner or later.

Looks like the 901 Free Anwar Campaign has succeeded beyond expectation although the turnout was well below its 100,000 target.

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