Saturday, January 28, 2012

Andrew Turns Two

After weeks of waiting the day finally arrives when I can say to Andrew, Happy Birthday Andrew, you are finally two. The reason for my impatience is because for the past 2 months I've watched him developed both physically and mentally that I couldn't believe that he was still a baby. But look at the above picture you will think that he is older than his biological age. He is learning to piece together a simple sentence, using my iPad with deftness of a 5 year old, and socializing with children much older than him. While still a mischievous little fella, he is adorably so. As I write this Andrew is with his father, giving me the peace to write this piece, otherwise he will be all over me. Andrew, we all love you very much for the joy, and sometimes exasperation you gave us with an innocent smirk on your face.

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