Saturday, January 07, 2012

Andrew, Darling of the Girls

Yesterday was the last day of the first week in kindergarten. It was Grace 3rd day (her class started only on Wednesday) and yesterday was Andrew's 2nd day inside the kindergarten to wait for his sister to finish class. As we were a little early we allowed him to explore the compound and soon he wandered into a waiting zone where a group of 4-5 year old were gathered to be dismissed. Andrew confidently removed his sandals and strode into the room and started socializing with the kids more than twice his age. My wife and I watched in both amazement and amusement. He is more matured and sociable than some nursery kids, some of whom were still crying. Based on his exposure he can even join the kindergarten now but being still UNDER 2 years old we have to keep him at home for another year.

Before leaving he cheekily waved goodbye and high five the staff. Grace on the other hand is more reserved but slowly opening up.

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