Friday, December 02, 2011

The Under-Utilized RK Park

The Rasah Kemayan Community Park declared open in March 2010 by the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) is meant to be a boon to residents who appreciate a proper spot for outdoor activities. Sadly it has not been as well frequented as the larger City Park in Seremban 2 with a man-made lake and better jogging track and kids' playgrounds. Still residents should appreciate this community project built for us. Although the park has not been well maintained, with signs of breakdown and vandalism and uncivil behavior of some users who litter the park grounds, the park is nonetheless a jewel that we should be proud of. After all, how many residential estates can have a proper recreation ground suitable for young and old alike?

Over the past week my wife and I made it a point to rise up early (it does take some efforts especially for me) and after a warm drink drive the 5 minutes distance to the empty but safe park (joggers only start appearing after 7.30am when it is brighter) and begin by warming up with a slow but brisk walk around the park's concrete pathway or climb the steps. This prime our hearts and legs and help build our lungs. The morning air is fresh and clean, which is a joy and privilege in this purely residential township. As we have less than an hour to exercise before going back to prepare for the arrival of our grandchildren, we spend some 30 minutes at the exercising equipment area where we work on our legs, hip, knees, neck, wrists and shoulders. I particularly like the hand wheel that massage my shoulders, neck and upper back to the pressure and intensity I decide. It is really invigorating! I can attest that after a few days of disciplined morning exercises I feel more alert and fit. And better appetite for my breakfast!

We plan to continue daily except on weekends and when it rains, or threatens to rain. Alternatively we will go in the evenings with our grandchildren in tow for they too are outdoor type and love the swings and slides.

The below pictures were taken this morning when it was misty but fresh.

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