Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Kid, 6 Names

Jian Sheng, Andrew, TJS, Boy, Tee Tee, Mat Rempit. OK the last one shouldn't be in but mentioned in passing because of his aggressive riding habit/style. My youngest grandson who will turn 23 months old after Christmas is called by different names by different members of the family. Father calls him Jian Sheng, mother calls him Boy, Popo calls him Boy or Jian Sheng, Gung (me) calls him by more names, Jian Sheng, Andrew or TJS his name initials, and sister Grace calls him Tee Tee or Boy. Of late he's acquired Mat Rempit as his nickname due to the way he ride his tricycle round and round the house, cutting corners, banging into chairs and tables and eating into adult paths, creating a ruckus. And parking in the middle of doorways blocking our ways through. Worse his favorite trick is riding his tricycle over toys, cushions, mattresses, books, etc with the destructive joy of demolishing them.

How to describe him? Naughty? Mischievous? Dare-devil? Reckless? Destructive? Getting angry at him would be our natural reactions but when we see him grinning back at most we'd smack his backside or pull him away. The tricycle has seen better days and with the foot paddle slight bent it will break down anytime. Little fella is mechanical minded. He'd turn the tricycle up and check for loose screws and bolts. He loved pumping up and down the seat until the bolt gets loosened. He gets upset fighting over the tricycle with older sister Grace. The house cannot accommodate 2 rowdy kids and 2 bicycles, it will surely turn into a war zone!

Andrew loves airplanes and cars. Not surprised if he grow up to be a pilot or automotive engineer. Every time he hears a distant din he'd point excitedly to the skies like Tattoo of Fantasy Island would cry out 'Airplane, Airplane'. To encourage his love for them I'd download pictures of commercial and jet planes and place them as slideshow on my PC and iPad. He's more vocal by the day and I believe by his 2nd birthday he'll be able to hold a simple conversation.

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