Friday, December 30, 2011

The Next Anwar Ibrahim?

Reading THIS report you may think so. This mild looking young man has the fire and anger against the ruling regime to literally point his middle finger up and say, 'You sucks!'. Taking down the flag that bore a likeness to the Prime Minister Najib Razak is a challenge to the authorities to come get me as well as a protest against self glorification that has become the culture of the government of the day. This act will be the Malaysian Spring movement. The world over it has always been the student movements that spoil the dream of dictators. Anwar tried that on Dr Mahathir and was jailed. When his mega influence refuses to die and became a real threat to Najib, a similar attempt is now made to re-jail him on a similar charge, a pathetic and unimaginative strategy to get rid of a pimple that refuses to die. Wait for the coming January 9 judgement if he will indeed be jailed, or freed, and watch the drama of Malaysian politics unfurl thereafter.

The Adam Adlis of Malaysia is not going to be one man's attempts to bring about changes. It used to be fought on the streets and the police resorted to water cannons and tear gas. The worrying question is will they do the same on the campuses round the nation when students start to riot? In small bands, within residential colleges, in the canteens and lecture halls? Gathering momentum and steam until they grow into a campus wide movement? It is not a pretty sight to have the authorities striking at the very cream of the nation (sorry, the cream are overseas and unlikely to return). In all likelihood Adam Adli will not be punished but brainwashed to join the elites that have ruled this country for 54 years. Will he fall for the carrot? Or will the towering enigma of Anwar Ibrahim encourages and strengthens his resolve to make sure Malaysia will not fall to the wolves again? Looks like we will be seeing an exciting start to 2012. Stay tuned!

Update January 1, 2011: Looks like the police has started acting against student protesters. Faster than I thought. Read HERE.


mulan said...

there are many 'adams' around, let's see how the next GE turns out. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

guess this is the start of student 'uprising' after the bashing in Perak recently. Student movement can be the fourth force.


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