Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Most People Retire Half His Age

Read THIS.

Back in my schooldays movies were either from Hong Kong or Hollywood. Never had movies from Bollywood, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan or China. Those made in Hong Kong were from either Cathay Organization or Shaw Brothers. Today lots of martial arts movie reruns are from SB and brought back sweet memories. I am of course surprised that Sir Run Run Shaw is still alive at 104 and still working! And that he look this youthful save his sunken cheeks makes me want to believe that work really keep a person active, healthy and youthful. I am 40 years younger but already retired from active employment so I really admire Mr. Shaw. Till today I still don't know why his name is Run Run, maybe direct translation from his Chinese name. The other senior person in his 80s I admire and still actively in corporate services is Public Bank's executive chairman, Tan Sri Dr Teh Hong Piow. Both gentlemen are iconic to the empires they founded.

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