Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Love Pomegranate

Eversince I learned of the potential benefits of this fruit towards the treatment of prostate cancer and related hazards I planted a tree inside my house compound some 5 years ago hoping to harvest enough fruits to either eat raw or making into drinks. Unfortunately due to poor soil condition all the fruits I got were small and the seeds had thin and sometime bitter tasting pulp. It took efforts to break open the fruit and extract the seeds and after several years I was given a few larger and pulpier fruits that taste sweet by my sister-in-law who bought them from a night market in Kuala Lumpur. I began to take a dislike towards my tree not only because of the smallish fruits but also because of the thorns that can potentially hurt my grandchildren running around the yard. So a year ago I got my gardener to cut it down.

A few months ago my daughter in Petaling Jaya discovered a stall in the local night market selling similar pomegranate fruits I like. They are about 8-10 cm diameter and cost around RM3 each. She bought me a pack and since then whenever we visit or she return to visit us we'll buy about 10 fruits when they are available.

Eating pomegranate seeds is fun especially to my grand daughter Grace who likes to suck out the juice from each seed. For me it has to go into my mouth by the handful.

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