Sunday, December 11, 2011

How the Weekend Passed!

It's close to midnight and in awhile soon it will be Monday. Thank God I'm not working and can afford the luxury (perhaps I should call it earned privilege) to enjoy flexi time but I should get to bed soon to get up early for my morning walk in the park. I promised myself to be fit to handle my exuberant grandkids. In this sense grandparents really have to keep up physically to stay in their physical world.

Last (Saturday) night we as a family attended the church's Christmas Family Dinner comprising selected hawker/street food. It was a great idea as the layout allowed good mingling for the nearly 400 participants who showed up. For RM15 I got to eat 7-8 types of food which command a retail value of over RM20 so it was a good deal. My tummy added an extra inch, not a healthy weekend habit to repeat. So it was a relief Christmas comes only once a year!

Today (Sunday) after church we drove to Kuala Lumpur to visit relatives as well as our regular Chinese physician Dr Yap. I got to supervise Andrew a bit and discovered how great a little dynamite he is. Daily I ask how is it this guy who isn't yet 23 months is toddling about like a 3 year old kid? These days his speech is improving so fast that at this rate he can speak in full sentence by the time we celebrate his 2nd birthday. For now it is 4 syllable success.

We ended the day with a long skyping session with our son in the States. It wasn't planned but it was enjoyable. We got to see him and his dear wife live and well. We'll do this more often until we visit them next year.

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