Saturday, December 17, 2011

Four Grandkids Together

Today is the first time this year that all my four grandchildren are together spending time with each other mainly because it is school holiday. Previous to this the meetings were short and the children could not enjoy themselves in a recreational place. Grace loves the RK Park where I now go for my regular morning workout. She loves it for the swings and slides that she don't have to fight over with other kids as this park is not as well frequented as the City Park we used to go before because there was a man made lake with lots of fishes to be fed. So today, when her cousins Victoria and William arrived to stay a few days she asked if they can all go to the RK Park and we couldn't resist as the weather was cool at about 5pm. So after a quick snack all four of them, including baby Andrew, youngest at 22+ months, jumped into Victoria's mom car and off we went.

Honestly I've not seen my grandchildren enjoy themselves as much. They climbed, they slide, they swung and they ran. Being the cautious grandparents we are we followed them and shouted words of caution and do all we could to keep them safe from any fall or injury. Today I realized my older grandchildren are capable of heights we were afraid for them. After awhile we started trusting them. Only little Andrew needed supervision as he thinks the park belongs to him. I will always remember 'jogging' along with him for about 30 meters.

This evening they skyped with their uncle in the States, took a visual tour of his house and 'see' little cousin brother growing in their auntie's tummy.

Below are some memorable pictures of my grandchildren all taken very recently.

Above three pictures of Grace and Andrew enjoying their tricycle in the driveway.

Grace and Andrew enjoy helping me clean the car.

Andrew is the honorary page turner.

The school shoes belong to sister Grace but Andrew claimed first right to them.

The four grandchildren enjoying themselves in the RK Park.

Skyping with Uncle Julian and Auntie Winnie

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