Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas in My Heart

I am unlike millions of Christians who join the throng of shoppers and diners during christmastime. Maybe I have little space in my house or really have little interest to accumulate things, maybe I am becoming more health conscious, or maybe I just think Christmas is more of satisfying the heart than the body. Don't get me wrong, I used to shop and dine in my younger days but now feel less inclined toward them. Occasionally going beyond the norm is acceptable but on moderate scales. I really prefer Christmas to be a time to enjoy my good fortune to be a follower of Jesus Christ. It was 30 years ago I accepted and followed Him and never turned my back. Yes, I sidetracked but I got back in line. Today I'm glad to be where I am as far as my faith is concerned because I know when it is time to go, I know where I will be heading. Home with my Saviour.

I've attended 2 Christmas dinners so far, the first organized by my church, the second 2 days ago by a political party for the Christian community in my hometown. The moods at both functions were starkly different and differently motivated. The third Christmas dinner is really going to be a wedding dinner to be held on Christmas evening. In fact we were invited to 2 dinners at the same time and venue but can only be in one. Perhaps the wedded couples want to have double celebrations each year on the common day. Having Christmas this year falling on Sunday makes the choice easier.

I had a Christmas tree bought a long time ago but in good condition. Almost every year I'd set it up to create the festive mood. Yet Christmas sadly reminds me it is time to set up new wall and desk calendars for the coming year. As well as consider my report card for the disappearing year. I'm glad my health is holding up, I'm still faithfully blogging and still the same person I was a year ago. Great anxieties facing senior people centre on changes they cannot face courageously. I hope to stay young in my heart and live up to the name my father gave me, which translates from Mandarin as Spring Every Year.

We are a fortnight away to the closure of a difficult yet hopeful year worldwide. People died and families suffered in quakes, floods, fires and civil violence. Financial crises forced nations and their citizens into insecure territories. People yearn to trust their yesteryears when lives were perceived kinder, stabler and safer. Future is feared because of great unknowns. Yet hope arise for those who dare to challenge the forces of evil and unrighteousness. I pray that justice will arrive in the new year for those deprived and oppressed. Inspite of the dark clouds of winters and stormy weathers there remain the sun behind the clouds to shine through and warm us. Be strong and optimistic.

Blessed Christmas. Peace and Joy to the World. Happy and Properous New Year.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,well written from the heart of a true gentleman.Keep thinking young and enjoy the blessings.Kind Regards and Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.God Bless from AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, season's greetings to you and may your wishes for the coming year be yours to claim. Kind regards, Peter.


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