Monday, November 14, 2011

An Unusual Weekend

The recent 48 hours my wife and I drove back to Sitiawan and Ipoh was spent on remembering a few events worth recording here.

Originally the weekend was solely to return for attending the November 12 wedding dinner of a very dear classmate whose daughter got married on November 5. We decided to take the opportunity to visit my aged mother and father-in-law. However, unexpected events forced me to make changes all well adapted to fit the time we have.

Firstly, my father-in-law fell on November 9 and cracked his upper right femur as well as fractured the socket to the hip which necessitated an operation under local anesthesia which he responded well in spite of his old age at 93. So the trip was changed from visitation to hospital care for my wife, a former nurse.

Secondly, my wife's long lost nursing school mate as well as my cousin, sprung us a surprise call the day before we travel and we fixed a meet up at my mother's house. It was a reunion after a period of 40 years and the ladies has tons to chat about over lunch courtesy of another lovely couple friend, another ex-schoolmate and his wife. We joked that it was a lunch for old people, 3 x 80-something and 5 x 60-something. As it drizzled outside our conversation kept us warm inside.

Thirdly the wedding dinner gave me and several of my former classmates another opportunity to socialize. It is a pity that not more can make it.

Finally, our eldest grand daughter 6 year old Victoria celebrates her graduation from kindergarten on November 13. Next year she will be going to primary school. It will be a transition that we all want NOT to miss. We therefore plan our return from Ipoh to Petaling Jaya to ensure we arrive in good time. Victoria was already in her resplendent graduation dress she chose herself, and later had mommy apply lipstick and kakak make up her hair. Grandparents from both side came for this special concert and ceremony. We stayed on for a celebration dinner with venue and menu specially chosen by Victoria.

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