Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Tide Turns

I just wish to mark my blog that this weekend the political tide in Malaysia has turned in favor of Pakatan Rakyat to claim victory at the upcoming general election believed to be held early next year. Never has PR been so bold as to predict victory in a state it has not won before (Johor) and declaring Anwar Ibrahim as the 7th prime minister. With the Barisan government blundering over the usage of English in Maths and Science, and now agreeing to amend the Peaceful Assembly Bill heavily condemned and rejected by majority of Malaysians, it show its incompetence and lack of foresight in decision making. Worse of all it has shown its arrogance in promulgating policy changes without due consultations with concerned NGOs and later salvaging its pride by acceding to their demands. Personally I cannot trust such a government to take us through these difficult times. I predict that PR will be installed as the new government with a simple majority, taking most of the states with large urban populations and two or more majority malay states. The FELDA Global proposed listing next year may cost Barisan the state of Pahang or a simple victory in the state assembly as this goes against the wishes of the settlers. Perak will be regained if PR puts Nizar back as the chief minister. He was unceremoniously ousted in a power grab in 2009.

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