Monday, November 21, 2011

Singapore Weekend

Last weekend my wife and I made a special trip to the island state to attend the wedding celebration of her good friend and colleague of 43 years from the days of nursing training. Both are now retired, and are actively looking up former classmates to meet up. So this trip was also a down memory lane trip since 4 friends eventually met up at the wedding table. Here it is:

This coming Thursday will be my turn to meet up with another 'lost' classmate of 46 years with a few other friends in Petaling Jaya. Just a Saturday ago we were back in Ipoh for my ex-classmate's daughter wedding and met up with some old friends again. So November appear to be a month of many reunion. Especially amazing is our meeting up with my cousin sister who came back from the States for a month's holiday to visit her mother, and located my number and called me. This cousin was my wife's good friend in 1968 as well as introducer of my wife to me. Upon hearing that their good colleague and friend's son will be marrying on November 19, she asked to be invited.

I was fortunate to book a budget hotel room on Beach Road just a 5 minutes walk from the wedding dinner venue. The hotel is also 30 minutes walk from the popular Marina Bay which we visited yesterday as well as to Singapore Flyer (we didn't fly, my wife is scared of heights) and later to Orchard Road which was swarmed with foreign maids on their weekend breaks. Even the Singaporeans felt overwhelmed in the shopping malls. Christmas mood is apparent from the many decorations set up. It was sunny and warm, perfect for photo-shoots but around 4pm tropical drizzle tried to dampen the carnival mood and failed. Here are a few pictures I snapped using my trusted nearly 7 year old Canon Powershot A620.

We took Air Asia flights and were appalled by the state of the Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Kuala Lumpur (which was a make shift terminal from a former air cargo warehouse) compared to Terminal 1 in Changi Airport where we disembarked and later board for our homeward flight last night. It was an embarrassment to me that Malaysia, home to Air Asia, could not provide a decent terminal for AA. Hopefully when the new budget terminal at Kuala Lumpur International Airport is ready end of 2012 we will be proud to use it.

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