Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mrs Khoo You've Got A Lovely Daughter

At last Sunday's kindergarten graduation of our oldest grandchild I fell in love with a little pretty girl who will be some lucky boy's beloved some day, and he'd surely say this to her mother. Victoria is everybody's pride and when we arrived at her house at 2pm she was already dressed in her exquisite black and white graduation dress which she insisted over another that her mother chose. I guess she is really growing up with ability to discern a good design and pursue her choice with confidence. Being in a hurry we didn't buy her any gift but gave her monetary incentive instead which she accepted gratefully and passed over to her mother for safekeeping.

An hour later we made our way to the church auditorium where her graduation concert will be held. Hundreds of parents and grandparents like us were gathered at the foyer having our snacks and waiting for the doors to fling open at 4.30pm sharp. I was thinking we were queuing up for a blockbuster movie at a cineplex but it was something more exciting. Our little baby will get her special award and put up a performance that make the 7 of us - parents, grandparents and little brother - beaming with quiet joy and thanksgiving to God for a child who gave us strength and confidence to be great grandparents and parents.

Victoria excels in the arts, as displayed in her drawing talents and dance movements. But it is too early to say if she will not be a great doctor, lecturer, engineer, pharmacist, architect, musician or teacher. Only time will tell. The seeds of the love of learning and socializing has been sown and in the coming years we shall see Victoria develop her many skills and choose what she love for her career. And she will meet many people and exposed to many occasions of making hard decisions. Surely Victoria will not be alone for she has family and friends to guide and support her along the way.

When the new school term starts in January 2012 Victoria will be placed in a new school, under new teachers, meeting and making new friends, and learning new knowledge. She will need encouragement as she adapt to the significant changes, especially in the use of Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction in most subjects. In a few days she will enjoy a 6 weeks holiday break where she gets to go for family outings. Victoria is a very fortunate girl indeed.


Irene said...

Thank you : ) I do (have a lovely daughter), she is (a wonderful adorable girl) and we are (all indeed proud of her)...

Bigger challenges ahead, ie peer pressure, examination stress and fickle minded education policies awaits.

Wonderful to have all grandparents attend her graduation, that made her very VERY happy.

Peter Yew said...

I hope all of you will have a wonderful holiday as school holiday starts tomorrow. Enjoy yourself.


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