Friday, November 25, 2011

The Class Reunion Trigger

It was just over a year ago (HERE) that our first class reunion was held and was attended by friends and their wives from near and far. The trigger from this first reunion created smaller group reunions such as those organized and occasioned by weddings. Yesterday I met up with seven classmates, one of them, David, for the very first time since we lost touch after 1967.

My ex-class monitor, Kao, took great pain in persuading many more to come. Three others could have come but for reasons best known to them declined. At 10am I was at Kao's house to chat with him and two other classmates, Meng Yew and Kheng Hoi came later. All too soon it was noon and they bundled into my car and off we drove to the Crocodile Farm Seafood Restaurant about 10 minutes away. It looked the same as it was the last time I was there, perhaps 12 years ago? I can't remember, but it was to entertain a customer, that I am sure. Upon arrival we took a quick picture outside and soon a Mercedes drove up and out popped a young man in jeans. From an earlier picture circulated with him in full suit with his family, David looked familiarly the same as the class picture in our 1965 school magazine called the Loyal Pioneer. His grim was still there and we greeted and hugged. David Ngu is a cheerful bloke and as promised he lugged 3 bottles of red wine selected from Cold Storage. Must be expensive we dare not ask. We joked that we have two cows here (no reference to the cow condos or the cattle feedlot scandal now brewing in the nation) as David's 'Ngu' sound like 'cow' in our native Foochow.

We gathered inside and as the first bottle was opened we chatted while munching roasted peanuts, nibbled fried baby cuttlefish and drinking the wine and chinese tea. We were like chatty wives, non-stop exchange of views and stories among the five of us. Over the next hour three more (Meng Song, Eddie Seow and Henry Lim) joined and over lunch and two hours later (we held up the waitresses until nearly 4pm) we gave each other our best and were reluctant to leave. David quietly settled the bill although we have decided to go Dutch while he provide the wine. I suppose he was overwhelmed by the nostalgia of this simple but meaningful reunion. We all had our rounds of chatting with another classmate, Naik Chu King, who was unable to come. Before we depart plans are already floated to meet during Chinese New Year 2012 or All Souls Day 2012 in Sitiawan. Those of us who can make it are invited.

It is unlikely for us to gather in large numbers such as in November last year, but to do so in 5s and 10s will be more meaningful and practical as we can share more personally. Here are some pictures of our meet.

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