Monday, October 17, 2011

Winnable versus Capable

Over the weekend Seremban was visited by top political leaders from both side of the political divide, including the prime minister and his deputy, a sure sign that election is round the corner. 10 days ago the prime/finance minister delivered an election budget for 2012 in which he gave out monetary gifts to poor families, school going children and students. I've never felt comfortable with such wastage but that's how we see the political game being played out unashamedly. This is money politics or bribery at its worst. The latest buzzword used by the prime minister early this year was 'winnable'. He wants candidates who can win elections not necessary those who can serve. Their backgrounds and characters or abilities are inconsequential. So long as they get votes and win seats for the coalition is all that matters. This will result in the PM approving a list of candidates who are popular with the voters, personable and clever in winning hearts. Have we gone astray in our desire to be a developed nation? Is this a talent or beauty contest?

Malaysia seriously need credible and capable politicians who can provide leadership in steering the nation out of several hotspots centering on our lack of competitiveness, racial disharmony, brain drain, moral decay and declining education standard. We must only vote in candidates we can trust to carry out their tasks of nation building and not stoop low to canvass for favors using cash handouts and granting permits and licences as rewards for scratching their backs.

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