Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wet Wet Days

The latest news on the aggravating flood situation in Bangkok (read HERE) is driving both the government and the residents towards containment of a potential disaster like a slow motion reverse tsunami that people have time to take actions to save as much as possible before the floods consume whatever that gets in its path. In a sense I feel sorry for the Thais for having to deal with both man-made (political turmoils in the past 2 years) and natural problems. I wonder if Malaysia has been the target instead how shall we respond?

If you ever wonder why is the flood situation in Thailand this year extra severe go read THIS report and watch the videoclip at the end (in Thai but with English sub-title, very educational). The Thais still have a sense of humor in moments like this.

Back in Seremban we've been having frequent rain every day but not serious enough to cause floods like in Thailand. The rain does disrupt work none the less. The ongoing renovation work in my neighbor's house was slightly affected. Several days ago while the workers were plastering the new wall between our houses rain fell and they had to quickly cover the uncured concrete with plastic sheets.

Yesterday was Deepavali, the festival of light celebrated by the Hindus. It was a public holiday and we took the opportunity to visit my Hindu brother-in-law. As expected it rained during the get-together and that night, as I was resting from nausea caused by suspected food poisoning, it rained again. Awhile ago it rained too. I am hoping that it won't rain when my plumber comes shortly to realign some outdoor water piping.

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