Monday, October 10, 2011

Resting with Free Wifi, Cool!

Written from the complimentary room in Nam Hai 2 Hotel in Old Quarters of Hanoi which surprisingly allowed me free wifi access to the Internet. My wife and I just got back from a memorable Halong Bay holiday. Between arrival and departure by night train to Lao Cai/Sapa our travel agent very thoughtfully arranged for a place to rest before a rep come by tonight to bring us to the train station. We had only expected to rest on their lobby lounge but getting a private room with free wifi? This is Vietnamese hospitality par excellence.

We needed the rest so I won't blog Halong Bay until I am in Sapa. This post is to inform my readers that it has been a stupendous holiday so far. Rainy weather? Hanoi is dry as bone this afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,JUST ENJOY ,the holidays.and take lots of pictures,looking forward to the photos,maybe our next trip is regards and GOD AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

I will put up lots of photos after we return. So far we've had very little complaint. Looks like I will recommend thus tour to couples without young children. Peter.


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