Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Day in Hanoi

From Tirant Hotel:

Well, the holiday has ended and now, sitting in my room in Tirant, I'm blogging for the last time from Vietnam. This attempt of blogging on the go is exciting with the iPad making it possible. Plus the hotels and restaurants here giving away free Internet to attract customers. I think it should be standardized worldwide. And developing countries like Vietnam is leading the way.

I felt relieved to have overcome the night train ride unscathed. However when we arrived the railway station from Lao Cai at 0400 we were confronted by touts. We were delayed getting to our hotel and also delayed in being picked up for our city tour which was not fully delivered as per itinerary given. We were not perturbed, we were more keen to get a proper bath, change into clean clothing and shoes.

Yesterday's city tour was not much to write about, or saw much. I was glad to have a good sleep and now, as we prepare to check out early from the hotel, using its Internet service for the last time I'm saying goodbye to Hanoi, to Halong Bay and to Sapa for occupying a part of my memory. In a few hours we will be flying home to sweet Seremban. I shall post some nice pictures here later. See you all.

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