Friday, October 14, 2011

Home at Last

Air Asia flight AK871 flew flawlessly and landed 35 mins ahead of schedule at LCCT Kuala Lumpur. 20 minutes later we were in a taxi heading for home and within the hour Domino's Pizza delivered our order in under 30 minutes from my phone order, and the gardener is here mowing the lawn. The weather is hot unlike Hanoi. We're glad to be home but my laptop blinked. After being unused for a week it gave me the blank screen even after several hard reboot. Well, I think the laptop has reached the End of Life and I doubt I will spend good money to repair it. The desktop on the other hand is booting properly but slow. Time to get a good replacement system.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,firstly thank God you are home safe and sound and enjoyed your holidays,Welcome home and see how time flies,i remember like yesterday you were planning the trip and saying in a couple of months you be going to Vietnam and here you are now home,time sure flies,but main thing is you enjoyed the trip and have full of fond memories with the Mrs,looking forward to the photos updates of the travel,i may look at going there myself with the wifey if its good.regards and GOD BLESS from AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Mixed feeling, Al. Home is still best while holidays like seasoning add flavours to our otherwise mundane lives. I'm sure you will enjoy Hanoi after seeing my pictures later. My laptop is breaking down at the wrong time I hope I can still upload the pictures as fast as I'd like to. Peter.


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