Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hanoi Holiday Photo Gallery - Sapa Trekking Day

We're ready for our 12km trek this morning

I caught this guy still sleeping at 10am!

OK the guide is close by

Hey guide, wait up!

We need tickets to enter this minority people reserve area

This little girl was just standing on the rice grains starring at me when I took this shot, and gave her father 2,000 dong for the permission.

It may be uncomfortable but this picture records our presence in Sapa

Hang in there, the village is just ahead, 4km more

My face is turning reddish

We passed several HMong kids on their way somewhere

Notice this boy is too poor to afford a pair of sandal

On a sunny day farmers are happy

The little boy is oblivious of his parent's hard life

No work, no food

Actually this picnic lunch is not bad, better than some dinners

This road is unwalkable but we just did

The HMong classroom is in better shape than some of our urban schools

Every child has his or her record book

We left Sapa this evening and arrived Lao Cai, enjoying this beer

Tonight we share cabin with the Australian couple we met on the Cat Cat trekking trail near where I bought my belt

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