Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hanoi Holiday Photo Gallery - Sapa

Not looking forward to sleeping here

Lovely Fansipan mountain range behind us the morning of our arrival

We just love this continental breakfast

With banana pancake and honey

And choice of this, pho ga (chicken)

Or pho bo (beef)

Our hotel, Bamboo Sapa (no, it wasn't made from bamboo)

Typical view of Sapa buildings

View of the Cat Cat village valley

The guide is faster than us. Slow down!

We forgot our sunglasses, caps and sunblock

Sapa dogs have the best life, eat and sleep

Right now I'd like to be inside a car!

The waterfall is a nice spot to rest

I never expect to be buying my next belt here!

Carefree childhood

Sapa town square

Famed landmark, first catholic church in Sapa

View from our Bamboo Sapa Hotel room

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