Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deciding on Dell XPS 8300

I am a fast decision maker but not after serious and in-depth study. Wanting to get a new PC with fast processor has been my desire but tempered by keeping redundancy in check. I already have one each of desktop, laptop and tablet plus a smartphone so I need to rationalize my 'stable' of equipment. I am fortunate to be quite mobile so why am I wanting to be stuck with a desktop purchase? Firstly I realize I seldom need a laptop except for the occasional presentation, which I can easily borrow one. With more laptop rather than desktop sales that should not be a problem. So with my Vostro as good as dead my decision is to either not replace it, or replace it with a desktop or another tablet. The decision is easy. My current desktop which runs under XP is 8 years old and my iPad under a year old. And my preference is for a larger monitor for my aging eyes as well as watch movies.

The XPS 8300 has very good reviews which helps me choose it. Although I felt disappointed my Vostro only last 3 years 8 months, I was told it exceeded the average lifespan of a laptop. I was also told that Dell provides the best and most responsive after sale tech support within the terms of the warranty purchased, which I never exercise (good news really) for my Vostro. The tech support, including the helpful live chat pre-purchase, gave me confidence that I am dealing with personalized service personnel.

So this morning I ordered my new baby which will be delivered within the month. I've already decided where to place it, where to relocate my old desktop and how they will be used (old PC to be assigned as educational tool for the grandchildren although I doubt they will choose it over the iPad due to poorer appeal).

Cost and configuration? Not saying now but when it arrives I hope to write a short impression review.

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