Saturday, September 10, 2011

You May Be Paranoid After Reading This

Someone sent me a short read taken from the The 8 Germiest Public Places, excerpted from The List Maker’s Get-Healthy Guide, By the Editors of Prevention.

1. Restaurant Menus
2. Lemon Wedges
3. Condiment Dispensers
4. Restroom Door Handles
5. Soap Dispensers
6. Grocery Carts
7. Airplane Bathrooms (Lavatory)
8. Doctor's Office

The truth is, germs are everywhere. The above list merely suggest the likeliest places where they can be most densely found, and spread. Back home where there are young children or invalids, toys, books, gadgets, tv remote, toilets, refrigerators and kitchen tables are similarly rich breeding grounds for bacteria that require systematic cleaning and disinfecting. We cannot avoid germs but proactively live defensively. It is a constant battle to stay on top of being overcome by bad germs and falling sick, through touching, breathing and exposing to unknown risks our body have yet to pick up defense and build up resistance. The standard advice is stay healthy always through a good regime of exercises, balanced diet, good personal relationship, spiritual outlook and avoidance of unhealthy habits such as over-consumption of alcohol, smoking and drugs taking. Staying alive and staying well is not about avoiding germs. It is about co-existing with them and staying on top most of the time.

In passing let me share the most worrying source of germs that you will avoid if you can. Cash. Your bills and coins have passed through the hands of millions of people and they now sit snugly inside your wallets and purses. Think there are no germs on them? Think again. You are providing comforting and comfortable place to breed them and spread them. Can this be avoided? Impossible unless we all become a cashless society. Can we all be carrying sanitizers and spray our hands ever so often, drying our skin and then apply moisturizers? Do we wear face masks and gloves to avoid contamination?

I shan't be more negative on this Saturday morning. Just a closing note that as long as we live in an open environment we are always at risk, like those who perished on 911 nearly 10 years ago. They were blissfully unaware of the coming tragedy. But for keeping germs at bay my advice is to accept them as co-creatures on this earth. They serve purposes in the cocktail of God's creation we may not fully understand nor aware of. Live preventively and be on guard and pray that you don't become victims of the next pandemic. Meanwhile it is a great idea to use a paper tissue on that public toilet door handle you grab to exit. They should design and revise all toilet doors with foot exit instead.

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