Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wrong Move Again, Mr. PM

On Thursday night, at 8.45pm, the eve of Malaysia Day, prime minister Najib Razak, declared that several archaic and restrictive laws will be repealed. To some it seemed a noble gesture, a gift. To others, a desperate attempt to clutch at a straw to stay politically afloat. For all the good intention, which you may really mean this time, sadly public perception of your real sincerity, and ability, to implement reforms remain pathetically questionable. Response such as THIS and THIS is typical from those who have become accustomed to the inept skills of the present government. It is much harder to believe a good intention when we have already lost faith. Mr. PM, you got to do much better and really time is not on your side.

A very nice piece from an Opposition MP is posted HERE. Please read till the end.

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