Friday, September 30, 2011

Unpredictable Hanoi

In just over a week we will be flying to Hanoi for our long awaited holiday. With the city bounding for autumn I want to be prepared for proper protective wear since the trip involved traveling to the Halong Bay and the Sapa mountains where weather conditions can be quite diverse from Hanoi city. The above snapshot was captured from and it reveals a few observations I wasn't prepared for.

1. The average sunlight per day is just 4 hours. I'm not sure if this is related to the cloudiness or is it a sign of diminishing daylight as winter approaches. With sunrise as early as 5.46am and sunset 12 hours later it suggest more cloudy, and 33% rainy, days in October. My tour agent Xuan is more optimistic and I hope she is correct.
2. Daily temperatures are going to be cool to cold so we will be prepared with jackets and umbrellas in case it really rain. And rain-proof footwear too. Since we are visiting first half October chances of colder days are lesser but forecasts can be wrong so it is better to err towards caution.
3. While it is projected to be wet in the coming week, the forecast is cloudy to sunny while we are in Vietnam with 1/2 raining days.
4. We've both just recovered from flu so will be armed with proper travel medications just in case.

I have been thinking about packing since we will not be staying in a fixed hotel but on daily move. Only on the first and last day will we be staying in the Hanoi Tirant Hotel. We will need a checked-in hard shell luggage and two hand carry overnight bags to be used when we are on the Halong junk and while up in Sapa staying at Bamboo Sapa as well as return journeys on the Sapa night train.

Reviews from friends who have been there have been good and we are really looking forward to a romantic and relaxing holiday and hopefully not marred by bad weather. My iPad will accompany me to document this trip which I will blog in greater details upon our return.

Update October 4
The 10 days weather forecast for the duration of our holiday is rain everyday and day temperatures in the low 30Cs making me very confused as what to bring. The previous forecast of cloudy to sunny with just one or two rainy days is completely upset now. Happily this forecast is only for Hanoi where we stay only on the first and last days. Hopefully the weather in Halong Bay and Sapa will be more amenable for outdoor activities.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,wishing you Happy Holidays,a little rain i am sure cannot take away the enjoyment.Look at it this way one umbrella shared by lovers ah seronok sekali,hehehehe.See how time flies,it seems like only yesterday you were busy planning the trip and now you be leaving soon.Anyway enjoy the holidays and take lots of pictures ok. Bon Voyage and safe journey,God Bless fr AL.

Peter Yew said...

Da tentu we will enjoy our holidays rain or shine, especially with your good wishes. Follow my blogs after my holiday for details of where we go and what we enjoyed. Peter


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