Thursday, September 08, 2011

This iPad is Now Public Property!

This explains why I haven't been blogging much lately. Two developments.

1. Both my grandchildren who are staying with us now claim equal rights to my iPad. The younger one, who will turn 2 next January, cannot understand why he cannot press or swipe the screen when we are watching a video or playing a game. His favorite action? Press the home button and shut down whatever we are watching and that upsets me and his older sister. I have to hide it high to prevent the little boy from getting it. He simply loves Talking Tom, not yet ready to enjoy Angry Birds.

2. Now that my wife discover she can watch her favorite TV serial on demand from my iPad, I lose more control and especially at night, after the kids has followed their parents home, the iPad become enslaved to stream Internet video. One good development is both my wife and I watch it together.

The iPad is fast becoming a new member of the family. Especially with many educational programs for young children it is going to make conventional reading and writing tools obsolete fast for the generation Z kids. My concern is when they start school they have to get use to books, pencils and erasers. Maybe in their time iPads will be allowed like electronic calculators were allowed when I was a kid? How fast time flies and how advanced technology have developed in just 5 decades.

The above entry was written as I wait for my car to be serviced in the Toyota Service Centre in Seremban. Free Internet connection complimentary from TM, my broadband service provider.

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