Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ling Turns 4

Weeks before her real birthday Ling kept reminding us that her birthday is coming up next in September. She knows popo's birthday is in the month of August and following hers mama's will be in December. Ling's shyness melted when she agree to sing her own birthday song. For the first time she was asked what sort of birthday cake she wants and where she would like to have her birthday dinner celebrated. She chose a banana fruit cake which mama bought from Secret Recipe. For the dinner venue we reminded her she slept through when we celebrated her 3rd birthday last year at the brand new Silver Dragon Restaurant. Originally she chose SD for its decor but hours before the dinner she turned realistic. She told mama she doesn't want to risk sleeping through her birthday, again. She chose a Japanese restaurant instead for a change.

Ling turned 4 last Sunday and her birthday was a family affair as had been in previous occasions. In the months before this day Ling has grown up very fast though not physically since she has a smallish frame and a slow and choosy eater. She sings very well and is really caring to her baby brother Andrew who tend to be a bully even biting his big sister. Both of them enjoy each other very much. Sibling rivalry exist as expected but we try to let it resolve calmly and reprimanding Andrew if necessary. Now without a maid, Ling sometime doubles up as a baby sitter for popo when I am away. Ling seldom cry now and is a great house helper. We watch Ling develop into a sweet little girl with pride, joy and thanksgiving to God for this lovely gift. Over dinner we are teaching her to say grace and wherever convenient I bring her out on simple errands to teach her the real world she is growing up in.

Ling still manja which means seeks attention. We accommodate occasionally because this is her personality. We even joke that she should marry someone who treat her preciously. In our hearts we hate to see her childishness disappear and Ling turns into a serious minded person. Her impish and dimpled smile, her serious expressions whenever she conveys a serious remark, her love to sing and dance will forever imprint in our memory as she starts to grow older. Next year she will resume nursery class and 2 years later start school. These few carefree years will always be cherished in our hearts. Happy Birthday, Ling. We love you beyond words. Taking care of you made us young again.


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,yes its definately a heavenly feeling beyond words when we share the love of our grandchildren.I always tell my grandchildren all 5 of them not to grow up too quickly like our kids,one day they were like small kids and the next thing you know they have their own family,aduh,time sure flies,if i ever be given 1 wish that God could grant me ,i would ask for time to move 310 times slower than now.If you ask me why 310 times all i can tell you is that it just came to my mind while typing in the number,ahahahahahah,maybe its a 3 digit 1st prize in the making ahahahahahaha,a present from Ling so its 4310 as she is 4 years old hahahahaha,go for it grandpa Peter.sorry for not visiting been busy if you have seen my blog,regards and HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated to Ling. From AL MAL.

Peter Yew said...

Dear Al, I've been slowing down blogging of late and not updating my blog as much so you are getting this reply nearly 5 days after you commented. Some more down will flu so a bit lethargic lah with the antihistamine, cough mixture and antibiotics. Weather today chilly so need to stay warm in case catch new chill.

I certainly agree that grandchildren should grow up slower, if that is possible, but that means we have to take care of them longer. Thanks for your birthday wish for Ling. One day I shall post some pictures of my grandkids in my blog.

You got 5 now? Any more on the way? I believe I may overtake you soon. Hehe. Peter.


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