Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back Ache is No Joke

My nagging backache has bothered me for awhile making me tired and sometimes irritable. Today I took the opportunity to be seen by a traditional Chinese physician Dr Yap for an alternative cure. Dr Yap has helped my older daughter conceive after 7 drought years so this must count for someone who knows her profession. You'd never guess she is a medical doctor from the way she dresses but when she diagnose a patient it was precise and confident. In my case she took my pulse and immediately conclude I have weak colon which affected blood circulation that created back ache. I am puzzled at the connection but took her logic at face value. I am to avoid spicy food, take less meat and more vegetable and avoid Ceylon tea. Coffee is ok. I asked for two courses lasting one week each so I can ascertain its effectiveness. Her parting words - I will look more rejuvenated and my wife should be watchful. That, to a man, is a compliment but also to suggest my health is generally good apart for some 'misalignment' that need straightening to improve blood flow. If my backache goes and my cheerfulness returns then I count the visit one I should have made years earlier.

It will take discipline and faith to believe I can and will be healed. What is there to lose?

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