Thursday, August 04, 2011

A World Without Music ..

Is like a world without colors, trees without flowers, words without feelings, life without purpose. Music drives our existence and spice our emotion. How do we dance without music? Sing without a tune? Love without a song? A world devoid of music is a sad world, like a funeral walk without a sound. A world without music cannot be happy and will have no radio stations!

I don't know from who I inherited my musical gifts, perhaps from my mother. Her genes are more dominant in us. None of us siblings play a significant musical instrument but all of us can pitch and sing, although not to a professional skill but my youngest brother. He has a near opera voice. Music has filled my life since as a kid. It is not surprising that if I had a wish it is to be a pop star, like my idol Cliff Richard, to hold my fans attention in awe and admiration. Although this is wishful thinking, pretending is cheap thrill of creating a stage of my own, satisfying a void, nursing a hungry appetite and then letting go what is not to be.

Music soothe my soul, gives me peace, connects me to my past, colors my life. If I am suddenly deaf I will be very sad and frustrated. Perhaps then I shall find solace in Simon & Garfunkel's 'Sound of Silence'. For now it is Julie Andrew's 'Sound of Music' that take control and flavors my day. But woe to the world the day the music die ... (Don McLean)


Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,The late PRamlee a legend in our local music industry sang a song called GETARAN JIWA,and the lyrics sort of substantiate your writings.

Getaran jiwa
Menlanda hatiku
Tersusun nada
Irama dan lagu

Walau hanya sederhana
Tetapi tak mengapa
Moga dapat membangkitkan
Sedarlah kamu wahai insan

Tak mungkin hilang
Irama dan lagu
Bagaikan kembang
Sentiasa bermadu

Andai dipisah
Lagu dan irama
Lemah tiada berjiwa

regards AL MAL

Peter Yew said...

Absolutely Al. The beauty of music is that different culture create their own using unique instruments,arrangements and vocal range. Humanity is richer because of music. Peter.


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